Toronto and Montreal: Police Academy I and II

Dear Virtual Editor,

I see lots of police news this week. A Montreal SWAT team ended a 20 hour standoff with an armed 72 year old former professor (oops!),who had barricaded himself in his home. The cops shot him with a rubber bullet. He is in hospital, but doing OK.  The man reportedly had 182 licensed firearms in the house.( As you know, we used to have a firearms registry until the Harper government did away with it. The Tories haven’t quite gotten around to eliminating the requirement for a license yet. Stand by.) No charges at this time. Police are reportedly considering the alterative of raising funds to pay the man’s moving expenses to Oklahoma or Texas.  Can I contribute on line?

In related news, after a 50 second standoff, Toronto police shot to death an 18 year old with a knife while he stood in an empty streetcar.  The police report says he died during an “interaction”.  The execution was caught clearly on video from several angles. Toronto’s much beloved Mayor, Rob Ford, warns against a “rush to judgment”.  Good advice. Who knows, the boy may have been an expert knife thrower. The cop’s gun may have malfunctioned—nine times.

Still, those planning a late summer holiday in Toronto might want to consider brushing up on their French instead. Vive les gendarmes!

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