Shooting Kids and Theater Patrons…
Ho Hum

gun-nuts4In a Roswell, New Mexico school, a 12 year old took a shotgun from a band instrument case and opened fire, wounding two of his classmates. In the next ten seconds, an unarmed faculty member, who apparently had not gotten the memo from the NRA, talked him into dropping the weapon.

Wesley_Chapel_movie_theater_shooting_sus_1246960000_20140114122932_320_240In a Wesley Chapel, Florida, movie theater Curtis Reeves, a retired police captain, apparently got into a dispute with a guy in the row in front of him about texting, popcorn, or something. Reeves, being a highly trained law abiding gun owner, fully versed in his Second Amendment rights, pulled out a pistol and shot the man dead. Reeves now claims he was in fear and there is much discussion on the internet about whether Florida’s Stand Your Ground law is available to him.
Ho hum. We all know by now that there will be no new gun control laws. If twenty six dead kids and a few dead teachers couldn’t bring that about, who cares about a couple of middle school students who, after all, survived or an insensitive texter?

Maybe one dead, two wounded merits only two brief comments. First, the next time you hear that tiresome NRA line about onerous restrictions on “law abiding gun owners”, you might remind the speaker (politely) that these folks are indeed law abiding— until they are not. Which leaves everyone to “Cleanup in classroom 4!” Second, perhaps we can try to frame this issue in another way— as the public health crisis it is. If you do the research for your area, you are likely to find that you are protected much more effectively from cigarette smoke than from gun smoke.

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