Missouri: The Show Me Force State

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imageCNN is running a series on the Sixties. I was watching the 1968 segment on the Democratic National Convention for about five minutes, when I realized it was actually a live feed from Ferguson, Missouri.   My bad. I remember the 1968 police riot and I should have noticed immediately that the Chicago cops did not have near the amount of firepower deployed by the Ferguson fuzz.

On another network, an attorney commenting on the unfolding events made two really astute comments.  I was impressed. After all, the attorney was black, and a woman. Who knew?  She first noted the complete absence of any elected officials and said that it was their responsibility, not that of the police, to make decisions and take charge of the situation.  Following this up with the understatement of the month, she observed that the police were completely untrained to do what they were doing.

imageI am proud to report that these comments have been taken seriously and Missouri local and state officials are acting on them rapidly. The St. Louis county council is using emergency funds and retained a medium to contact late Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and late Birmingham Sheriff Bull Connor for advice on crowd control.  Missouri’s governor has accepted the invitation of his Alabama counterpart that the Ferguson police take part in a training exercise at the Pettus Bridge between Selma and Montgomery. German Shepherd training to be included if time permits.

In a related story, the White House has denied rumors that the Ferguson police will be deployed to Iraq to rescue those civilians on the mountain. Senators Graham and McCain criticized the decision, saying President Obama was once again afraid to use real force.

Of course, I wondered what other leaders would have to say, especially Sarah Palin.  After hearing from Bill Maher that she had tweeted on behalf of America that our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Ebola, I wondered if she was still active on Twitter.  Turns out she was.  She tweets that Ferguson should be added to the articles of impeachment, arguing earnestly that if Obama had not gotten himself elected President, twice, blacks in Ferguson would know they could not commit the heinous crime of walking in the street.  Justice Antonin Scalia agreed, seeing the unrest as vindication of his concerns about a culture of racial entitlement: “If those people can’t even stay on the sidewalk, how can they expect us to let them vote?”

Right on, Sarah and Antonin.  And let’s not forget to honor the increasing number of brave police and unofficial neighborhood watchers and vigilante border patrollers who are willing to lay someone else’s life on the line for us every day!

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