Doofus Delights II: U.S. Exceptionalism

Dear Virtual Editor,

running-of-bulls-2013Wow!  Little did I know about the power of the blogosphere!  You will recall that only three weeks ago I celebrated the availability of two outlets for the macho mentally challenged that do not involve weapons: the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona and the Calgary Stampede.(See July 26th post.) Little did I know that my post would inspire a cadre of second-to-none American entrepreneurs to come up with a U.S. counterpart.  Their brilliant plan involves another hallowed American tradition, taking money from the impaired.  And, of course, the American project must be exceptional.

Jets Coach Rex Ryan (second from right) seems a lot more calm and cheerful without any bulls chasing him. 7/9/13 Pamplona Read more:

Jets Coach Rex Ryan (second from right) 7/9/13 Pamplona

Drum roll…. Coming soon, THE GREAT U.S. BULL RUN.  That’s right, there will be not one, but ten versions of the Pamplona event in the US. The first will be in Petersburg, Virginia, August 24th and if those who want to participate, or their caretakers, buy tickets before the 16th, the cost is only $60. It may not be a coincidence that the first three events are scheduled in Virginia, Georgia, and Texas. I was a bit surprised to see that a later run is slated in Minnesota, but I understand it will take place in Michelle Bachmann’s district.

Take a back seat Spain and Canada.  USA! USA! USA!  Ole!

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