Blog Introduction


WilliamHere’s the deal. Many of us learn something in the news or read something in a newspaper (they still exist) that prompts us to fire off a Letter to the Editor. Nothing wrong with that.  In fact, the LTE page is one of the most widely read pages in every paper.  However, the paper may not publish our brilliant and insightful letter. Moreover, it will certainly not publish multiple submissions over a short period of time.  I have been submitting 2-3 letters per year. My record of publication is quite good, but I often think there is more I would like to say and have heard.  Enter

image013Instead of a LTE, I will post my reactions or observations about anything that strikes my fancy right here—publication guaranteed. Your LTE can be a comment on the posts. I also play the role of the newspaper, reserving the right to edit, etc. Your submissions can be forceful, direct, passionate, humorous. There is absolutely no requirement that they share my perspective.  Please, however, keep it civil. We are truly all in this together and we will never get out alive anyway.  In the words of Fareed Zakahria, a reasonable person with whom I reasonably disagree on occasion, let’s get started.