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Professor of Law Emeritus, B.S. 1962, East Tennessee State University; J.D. with honors, 1969, University of North Carolina; Order of the Coif; North Carolina Law Review.



Admitted to practice in North Carolina, 1969, and Virginia, 1984; Assistant Public Defender 12th Judicial District of N.C., 1970-72; associate, Barringon, Smith and Jones, Fayetteville, N.C., 1972-73; partner, Smith, Geimer and Glusman, P.A., Fayetteville, N.C., 1973-78; Executive Director, Farmworkers Legal Services of North Carolina, 1978-80; Assistant Professor of Law, 1980-84; Associate Professor of Law, 1984-89; Professor of Law, Washington and Lee University, 1989-Spring 2001; Director, Virginia Capital Case Clearinghouse, 1988-99; Professor of Law, Emeritus, 2001-.


W&L Scholarly Commons (Available PDFs)

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A Tribute to William S. Geimer

Washington and Lee Law Review
Volumn 58|Issue 2|Article 2